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ClearLift  FaceLift........YOU WILL SEE AND FEEL THE RESULTS     clear_lift_logo

Alma laser's ClearLift skin tightening laser system is a state of the art non-ablative    laser technology that is FDA approved for skin resurfacing treatment alternative to tradition skin resurfacing and surgical face  lifts that boasts virtually NO pain and NO down time. It utilizes a 1064nm Q-switched pixel laser. Its primary uses also include treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, acne scars and strech marks.


                    - Reduces Sun Damage            - Reduces Wrinkles           - Reduces Scars          - Clears Acne

                    - Removes Spider Veins             - Improves Inelastic Skin            - Tightens Loose Skin


                                       SPRING PROMOTIONS

                                                         Laser Hair Removal                           Up To 50% Off

                                                         IPL PhotoFacials "All Areas"            Up To 50% Off

                                                (1) ClearLift  FaceLift Treatments     Up To 30% Off

                                                         (6) Leg Vein Removal                        Up To 50% Off

                                                         (8) LipoLight Pro Treaments               Up To 40% Off

                                                                (1 area) Botox                                    $250